Svbtle is a publishing platform designed from the ground up to work the same way your brain does. It helps you think.

The platform includes everything you need to organize, develop, and share your thoughts, stories, and ideas with the world.

↑ The Dashboard

Svbtle’s dashboard is a flow of unpublished ideas, or draft works-in-progress, on the left side, and a list of published articles on the right. It’s designed to help you curate thoughts and stories, work on them slowly, and publish when you’re ready.

Why Svbtle?


Svbtle is intentionally designed. That means we base our design decisions on foundational principles and then we obsess over details until we get things right. The dashboard encourages you to dump ideas, links, and thoughts into a flow of draft posts, and then makes it easy to slowly sculpt those ideas into publishable articles. Article and blog pages are clean, fast, and legible. Everything just feels natural.


Svbtle has everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’ve worked hard to remove potential distractions, so only the most essential features remain.   Articles on Svbtle are written in a format called Markdown, which converts into HTML. (Don’t worry; it’s easy to learn.) And no matter how you format your writing, the platform makes it look great.

↑ The Editor

The editor was built to help you focus on writing. It’s deceptively simple — Svbtle supports hosted images, embedded videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites), Tweets, and more. And if you need advanced control, the editor supports extended Markdown features like footnotes and code blocks — or even raw HTML.

The reading experience

A thoughtfully designed writing experience deserves a carefully considered, enjoyable reading experience. So we’ve spent a lot of time making sure the reading experience on Svbtle is great regardless of device or screen type.

Article and Blog
↑ Articles & Blogs

Articles and blogs are clean and legible. They’ve been obsessively built to be fast, deceptively simple, reliable, and beautiful.

A platform with principles

We care about your work, we respect your privacy, and we value your support of our mission. Svbtle membership comes with the Forever Promise, our commitment that the Svbtle service and published content will remain available on the web forever. You don’t have to worry about link-rot or “sunsetting”. We’re an enduring company, and we’re here to stay.

By design, Svbtle feels extremely minimal. We have focused all of our attention on perfecting the writing and reading experiences, and we’ve purposefully minimized reader interaction. It’s part of an intentional design strategy that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Questions? Say hello: concierge@svbtle.com

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