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Svbtle is a writing and reading network designed from the ground up to work the same way your brain does. It helps you think. Svbtle is blogging with everything else taken away.

When you're logged in, the dashboard looks like this:

It’s a flow of unpublished ideas, or draft works-in-progress, on the left side, and a list of published articles on the right. It’s designed to help you curate thoughts and stories, work on them slowly, and publish when you’re ready.

Why use Svbtle?

It works like your brain.
Svbtle’s dashboard is designed to work the same way your brain works. It encourages you to dump ideas, links, and thoughts into a flow of draft posts, and then makes it easy to slowly sculpt those ideas into publishable articles. It just feels natural.

It gets out of the way.
When we’re writing, we like to have no distractions, so we’ve removed all of them. Only a few essential styling options remain, and articles can be written using shorthand formatting with Markdown, for more control. (Don’t worry; it’s easy to learn.)

Svbtle’s writing interface was designed to get out of the way, and it lets you focus on writing. It looks like this:

Svbtle automatically makes everything you write look great. If you want more control, you can use Markdown or HTML to add your own style.


We’ve spent a lot of time making sure the reading experience on Svbtle is great regardless of the device or screen type you’re using. This is what a published article looks like when you’re on a desktop computer:

You can read this article here: Replacing the PC. Also take a look at a full Svbtle blog, here:

And it’s not going anywhere

Svbtle comes with a Promise that your content will remain online forever.

By design, Svbtle is extremely minimal. We have focused all of our attention on perfecting the writing and reading experiences, and we’ve purposefully minimized reader interaction. We hope you’ll love writing on Svbtle.

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